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This is not merely my interpretation of what I saw, the former drug user told me this himself.I also witnessed him tell one of the nurses at the Hergest Unit this everyday story of drug using folk.Both I and this man heard addicts openly boasting that Dafydd was great because ‘he’ll give you anything you want’.The medical treatment of addicts became a hot potato in the 1980s.Ann Dally alleged that the driver for the refusal to prescribe maintenance therapy was coming from the ‘Maudsley Mafia’, a small group of psychiatrists in teaching hospitals like the Maudsley who were incredibly powerful.

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It hadn’t previously been an issue because when NHS clinics had prescribed freely and generously, addicts had less to gain by going to a private practice.

The addicts were given repeat prescriptions for the same (sometimes high) dose for as long as they requested it.

Prescribing was often very generous and cocktails involving stimulants and depressants were frequently prescribed.

Thatcher was so keen to maintain the ‘special relationship’ that she simply went along with US policy.

Whatever the reason, by the mid-80s there was very great pressure on the private doctors who had been prescribing maintenance therapy not to do so anymore, so doctors who did prescribe found themselves greatly in demand.

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