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Asked how frequently, he said, "I couldn't tell you, [but] it's not that often."When informed during his Wednesday night phone call that Johnson had told The Courant that Caron "indicated ...Glastonbury is well known for its picturesque farms, orchards, streams, and woods.“I am not worried about it."Eyewitness News reached out to Caron. Johnson told Eyewitness News Tom Sweeney, who is a former chief and now retired, will be in charge until they find a permanent replacement.Starting the first of the year, Glastonbury will conduct a national search for a new police chief.

This has happened "for a couple of years," he said.

Caron told The Courant Wednesday that he did not recall sending those three specific emails, but said he is "not denying" that he has received emails containing nude pictures and occasionally has forwarded them to friends."I should be holding myself to a higher standard than this," Caron said.

"It's out of character for me."As to the racially oriented language on one of the emails, Caron said he doesn't remember seeing it.

According to the Hartford Courant, the 62-year-old Caron was being scrutinized over what some interpreted as inappropriate e-mails.

The chief said he didn't remember forwarding the emails but he didn't deny that he sent them, according to media reports.

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