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IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, and is the oldest form of multi-user text based conversations (read- multiplayer notepad) still around. You need to know a few commands to get around here. Just type these in where you would normally type your messages. Lists all the channels available on the network, including their topics, and how many people are in them.

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It communicates with the IRC server directly, as any other client would (on port 7000).

The third login box utilizes Kiwi IRC, a web-based client, similar to CGI: IRC, but your connections go through a third party web server Channels: For reference, twenty channels (out of over 100; remember to check ) are listed below the login boxes.

command, described above, will give you a larger, more comprehensive list.

Some channels are set to be hidden from the list, though, and you just have to know what they are/get an invitation to them.

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