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There are also more rustic-wicker versions, which are suited in more traditional Finnish homes.Internet Relay Chat, or IRC, was invented in 1988 at the University of Oulu.It was the first system that allowed users to connect to a central server for text chats.This was revolutionary and essential in the development of the internet, giving way to Usenet groups, chatrooms, bulletin boards, online gaming and private-chat features which we now take for granted.The very first web browser, Erwise, was created by four Finnish students as a Master’s project during the early days of the internet.It took a while to catch on, since the internet wasn’t in widespread use in the early 1990s, but it did pave the way for the more advanced-web browsers used today.

Torvalds wanted to create his own operating system for his PC and, when he did, he made it universally available and free.

It is difficult to trace, but there has been evidence of Finnish saunas existing since 7000 BCE.

The sauna may be a luxury in other countries, but it is a hugely important part of national identity in Finland.

Not only were they revolutionary for their time, but this was also long before the need for renewable energy was known.

Yet, as is typical of Finnish design, they were incredibly simple and easy to maintain.

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