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If for some reason you don't see these boxes checked, check them.Since Net BEUI is handling the File and Print sharing duties, there is no need for any copy of TCP/IP to be bound to them. In the early days of cable modems, ISPs were still learning about network security and there were many cases reported of users seeing unknown computers in Network Neighborhood, or worse, having their files viewed, changed or deleted by curious visitors.

If you are using some method other than the Multiple IP method to share your Internet connection, you have the protection of a separate network and a firewall or proxy.

If you open the right ports (TCP or UDP ports 137, 138, and 139), you will allow access to your LAN's computers from the Internet if you are using TCP/IP for File and Printer sharing.

It's easy to use Net BEUI as the protocol for file and Printer sharing.

Protocols can be bound to Network adapters (as we checked above). The Client and Service binding is important to do correctly because it is the binding that can expose you to the Internet.

The Network Control panel will show a copy of Net BEUI bound to each Network adapter that you have.

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