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While in that class she met and started dating a fellow classmate who decided to take the class because of a suggestion from his father. She was in shock when she realized it was the same man, and I still am after finding out. Is it considered a major social scandal to have your daughter-in-law be your own daughter? A: You two couples should have a double wedding and instead of the Wedding March play, "I'm My Own Grandpa." It would be amusing if your daughter and her husband became stepsiblings, etc. Both couples getting married would certainly solve the dilemma of deciding which in-law gets to see the kids at Thanksgiving and Christmas.The only red flag I see here is that your daughter and his son are a little young to be settling down.My husband says I shouldn't mention laser treatment to her. It would be interesting if you could rewind his life and see if his personality ended up being different if the birthmark had been removed, but you'll never know.What you do know is that your daughter is suffering now from unwanted attention because of a cosmetic problem.Many people do successfully marry their college sweethearts, but I don't see why they would rush into it.Young marriage does put people at a higher risk of divorce.One good way to get on her good side is to be kind to the children (no need to spoil them). If you really want to be the some day, you’ll need to show the children you care, but that you are not trying to replace their biological mother. Your friends might ask you why you would put yourself into that situation when there are plenty of guys out there without kids. It’s up to you to decide the best way to handle the situation.

As a child, my husband's family pressured him to undergo laser treatment to have his birthmark mostly or completely removed. Other than him being teased a bit as a child, his birthmark was mostly a nonissue.

You may not be able to spend as much time with him as you would someone without kids – unless you decide to accompany him to his kids’ school and sporting events.

I would strongly advise not to get involved with the children unless you and this guy are serious.

This gives you the opportunity to show that you’re different (and better) than his ex. If you treat the kids like friends, they will talk to you about everything and come to think of you as their best friend.

When dating a single dad, it’s important to acknowledge that the mother exists.

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