Failed updating etrust vet engine

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Clicking “yes” launches the updater and the above problem occurs.Saying “no” returns you to the main menu…however..clicking multiplayer *again* launches the server browser.The “reloaded” patch seems to be the one of choice.**Additional Note: I’ve discovered that playing the game with the “reloaded” no dvd patch disables water effects.Maybe in 4-5 months when it’s patched and optimized I’ll give it another look.I’m sure there is a good story in there somewhere, but the horrible performance of the game renders it useless.When a patch is released, you will need to move the nwn2and nwn2_files from your install directory and replace them with the original ones now in “bak”. —Antivirus— DO NOT RELAY ON SWITCHING YOUR ANTIVIRUS ONTO SLEEP MODE.I run e Trust Vet Antivirus and the sleep antivirus protection forget’s one crucial eliment, auto update and resources to still have the thing in the background.

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There is no “Universal” neverdrawhelmet tweak, it must be done on a character by character basis using the GFF editior.Systems can fall out of the cache because the cache gets too full, or because they go for a certain length of time without being accessed.I’m not sure if tuning those values will provide any performance improvements, as the default values are pretty reasonable.You can turn them on all you want but when you leave the menu, they reset to “off”. —Flip Queue size— MY Card: ATI Radeo 9600 Pro Yes I know I should have purchased a new card ages ago but buy putting all settings onto low I have been able to play most games at 15 – 20 FPS therefore just getting buy. *The NWN2 profiles doesn’t require you to do anything: “Neverwinter Nights 2 doesn’t have settings that can be altered from the registries. The file will be automatically placed in the right placed.Anyway, My point here is to advise that with my setup by running ATI Tray Tools and setting all setting to High Performace Ive been able to run at 10 FPS. Make sure you view the info on how to set them to run for NWN2. Next time you start NWN2, it will use those settings.

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