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2 weeks later I have 1k of fraud on my credit card.The card was brand only recently changed and not used for anything apart from amazon.Written on: 02/06/2015 So thats why I can't use my Paypal Smart Connect on this one site I frequent.Paypal is saying screw em for too many chargebacks. The MMO uses Epoch as they payment handler for their subscription service.Of course that doesn't explain why Epoch is declining my Debit Card also. Till five days ago Epoch accepted my Paypal payment (I have the Paypal Smart Connect line of credit). When I contact them today they told me to make sure there was sufficient funds. Their next advice was if there was funds available and Paypal was not declining the payment I should try another…Read Full Review Against my better judgement I used the service for a payment to an adult site brazzers, read the t & c and cancelled any further payments with no issues.

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If they don't check their merchant's quality, they can't care all that much about you as a customer.Paypal is saying screw em for too many chargebacks.Of course that doesn't explain why Epoch is declining my Debit Card also.I don't know how they do it, but they seem to allow merchants who are vulnerable to them. They don't do enough to prevent the them from using stolen credit cards…Read Full Review Written on: 18/11/2016 Same Here, my credit union picked up the failed 4 attempts that corresponed to match the amount of of various token expenses , however My credit union did not initiate a suspension and refund of my card as fraud,because Initiated the "PREMIUM " ember status at Camsoda live streams transaction with my bank debit card information and am authorizing up to 1 monthly charge similar to the amount of the initial amount of .99.

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