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I came up with an overall plan, which included redesigning the top of the fireplace, and painting the entire built in.

To see more before and afters of this space, head over to Emily A Clarks blog, where she featured all the details on this room.

Is there a more appropriate dessert to serve on Valentine’s Day?

I’m not sure, but I will admit that I serve this to my friends year round. I love that I can be pretty confident that my guests will enjoy at least some part of this dessert, or all the components of it!

Accruing countless breakups before marriage has become the norm.

Many times, we can look back on a relationship and thank God for clearly and providentially intervening. But other broken relationships don't readily prompt our thanks.

I’ve met many godly young singles still crushed from past relationships. Recently, I visited a church where the pastor preached on the providence of God and the children of Israel.

We wait on the latter two, yet even as we wait “we are sealed with the promised Holy Spirit who is the guarantee of our inheritance until we acquire possession of it” (Eph. Through the Holy Spirit who lives inside of you, God is present and active.

A biblical understanding of providence, according to Bavinck, makes us grateful when things go well and patient when things go against us, prompts us to rest with childlike submission in the guidance of the Lord and at the same time arouses us from our inertia to the highest levels of activity.

In all circumstances of life, it gives us good confidence in our faithful God and Father that he will provide whatever we need for body and soul and that he will turn to our good whatever adversity he sends us in this sad world, since he is able to do this as almighty God and desires to do this as a faithful Father.

In times of deep distress and pain that a broken heart can sometimes bring, rest in the reality that your Father in heaven is good and gives good gifts to those who ask him (Matt. A biblical understanding of providence should move us to contentedly trust the hand of God–even when it comes to breakups.

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