Difference between best friends and dating

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We saw it happen on the last week, when Nicole Kidman revealed that she and Jimmy Fallon’s first meeting a decade earlier had actually been a romantic setup by their mutual friend.

And poor, unknowing Jimmy had worn sweatpants, played video games, and had served her corn chips the entire afternoon.

He will open doors, give you flowers, protect you from incoming vehicles, pull out your chair, and offer you his jacket.

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10 major differences between a date and “hanging out” A date: He will try to kiss, hug, or cuddle with you at some point in the evening A hangout: He will high-five you at the end of the night Even if your date isn’t bold enough to kiss you or hold your hand, he’ll at least stand close to you or let you lean on his shoulder.

If he invites you over to his place, he might even put on a video game or forget to offer you a drink. 10 major differences between a date and “hanging out” A date: He’s clearly planned out the entire evening to make it feel special A hangout: He makes you plan the entire thing This is what guys do before dates: They make restaurant reservations, and if they have a car, they practise driving there to make sure that they don’t get lost.

Basically, you would feel like any other friend, and friends don’t need to try so hard. “This IS a date, it’s just that he’s really modernised and doesn’t believe that guys should always pay for dates.” When it comes to money, Occam’s Razor applies: the simplest explanation is correct. The restaurant will be quiet, atmospheric, and lend itself to conversation.

So, how do you know the difference between your friend and a close friend?

A close friend isn’t necessarily a best friend, but he or she is someone you include in your inner circle.

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