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In 2002, he had a supporting role in a Lifetime television movie titled I'm with Lucy.

Shortly after Boreanaz's admission of the affair, text messages emerged on the Internet showing that indeed the affair was sexual in nature.The new intern is “kind of an intuitive person,” which is not the sort of decision-making that Bones generally approves of, but her hunches have a habit of turning out to be right. For now, don’t expect either star to take a journey behind the camera in the direction of the writers’ room.“I’m pretty good with ideas, but I’d have to really work on that one because I think Emily can attest that my vocabulary’s a little limited,” Boreanaz laughs. You have to make up a whole story out of thin air, not to mention all the technical stuff., but co-stars ; Emily Deschanel (Brennan) and ; David Boreanaz (Booth) have had ;no trouble showing their affection for one another on the red carpet over the years.Take a look at some of their cutest and silliest moments from years past!

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