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One of the most powerful tools in your PUA arsenal is the interactive value demonstration: you telling a story which requires the girl’s participation, that demonstrates value while giving you the opportunity to display your personality. (Expect to spend 2-3 hours in front of a mirror, at least, to get a good slight-of-hand trick to work). The ladder represents her aspirations for her career. Another great routine of this kind is called “eliciting values.” This is another excellent one from Style. The first is “What is one thing you want to have in your life that makes life worthwhile.” She’ll give you an answer.

Learning a couple of slight-of-hand tricks or a good card trick can work wonders, and is definitely worth the effort it will take to master. Use the cold-reading techniques to find areas where she says yes. And the storm represents her challenges and problems and how they affect her. Think of these as cover to keep the girl entertained while showing off your personality, and, yeah, being accurate will give you a nice extra bit of value, too.

This section will serve as an A to Z of all the best field tested routines that will include both opening routines and DHV routines.It’s okay to do one on D1 and one on D2, but don’t do them both in the same night.Once you get these down, though, you’ll be tempted to, because they’re very powerful.Put some of these tools in your routine stack, and watch what happens to your results.Learn from several DHV routines in Revelations, a guide by Venusian

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