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It is a bit clean and a bit dirty at the same time, it feels very dense and balmy, warm and still fresh, not overly sweet. The demon is warm and very spicy and the angel is a pure white flower with a touch of vanilla. It could easily be someone's signature, just don't blind buy it. Someone with a strong personality, but that is not overbearing. Sillage is close to the skin, if anyone wants to know. The notes sounded right up my street and I can usually safely blind buy dark vanilla-and-spice fragrances. This was another blind buy for me, as I went to multiple department stores and nobody seemed to know what I was talking about and would keep pointing me to Ange Ou Demon Le Secret which I already have.It's hard to pinpoint what exactly makes this scent so alluring and sexy, but it's best when it wafts from your body and not when you put your nose to your skin. Which is a scent I really love, but it just does not last, and reading all the praises regarding this perfume, and the notes, I had to get this somehow.So I stayed away until I gave it another try one night, and this time I could pull out the powdery, creamy vanilla and floral, and appreciate this truly beautiful and unique nighttime scent that is warm and bold.And the bottle is a beauty in itself, combined with that name.After a few times of testing I could also detect the mandarin, which is not really fruity here, but cuts through the cloud of creamyness with its freshness. Esse perfume para mim foi a melhor criação da casa Givanchy, ele é sedutor e elegante, tem realmente algo claro e escuro, ele para mim traduz muito bem o nome que tem Anjo ou demonio, bem e mal, sedução pura ou sedução sexy.In the drydown vanilla takes the main stage, supported by the bright floral notes of ylang ylang and lily. The final skinscent after many hours of wearing is a bit flat compared to the rest of the perfume, it's just creamy, light vanilla without much projection. Adoro suas nuances e tudo que faz sentir, me sinto mais bonita e poderosa com ele.

This is because of the saffron and the thyme, which give dry and leathery nuances, much used in men's fragrances.

In my imagination, Ange ou Démon is like a masquerade offered by the high society.

Behind the mask, the woman of Ange ou Démon can flirt, dance, insinuate, dare and decide if she prefers to show her angelic or demonic side.

In the body, maxillaria orchid, lily and ylang-ylang.

In the bottom, the fragrance features oak absolute, rosewood, vanilla and tonka beans.

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