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Cooley is the onetime banker-turned-entrepreneur who transformed a 1,100-square-foot church like coffee house into a 14,000-square-foot institution. Customers always like to feel, ‘Oh, I know the owner,’ or ‘I know the bartender.’ That’s a big part of our success.” A native of Solon, Ohio, the 55-year-old gay power broker has hosted top Democrats like Hillary Clinton in his club, is active in LGBT causes, leads toy drives for Children’s Hospital, encourages other local businesses, and goes a bit over the top on special nights like Halloween and New Year’s Eve. Imagine a fantasy nightclub in the trendy heart of LA, in which A-list celebs and the best and brightest from entertainment, fashion, business, and technology commingle in a private, but festive environment—and where table service can typically run into six figures during primo late-night party hours.A two-time winner of the “Best Gay Bar in the World” award from MTV Logo, The Abbey is both a local watering hole and an international tourist attraction. In a notoriously fickle business where turnover is status quo, The Abbey is celebrating 23 years of operation, with most of the same staff Cooley started with. Soon he will open Cooley’s around the corner from The Abbey, a restaurant he describes as “the opposite of The Abbey—no dancers, no loud music, no lights. Well, that club actually exists; it’s called Bootsy Bellows, and if you dream hard enough, you might just get inside.This is just one example of an artisanal cocktail that Julian Cox and Josh Goldman once dreamed up, a take on a Charles H.Baker recipe: “Demerara Rum Swizzle: El Dorado 8 Year, Lemon Hart 151, lime, grapefruit, falernum, and pomegranate.” Clearly they are not the kind of bartenders you belly up to and tell your problems—unless your problem is a lack of imagination in beverage menus.This directory of veterinary practices has been compiled from a combination of the comments of BCG members and from veterinary practices which are interested in treating chelonians.The BCG does not accept any responsibility for any service offered, treatment provided or any charges for treatment from practice within this directory.

And now they have their very own establishment: Brilliantshine in Santa Monica, which they opened in August.

It helps you build a brand naturally.” Leonardo Di Caprio and Katy Perry have graced the VIP room. While deveining shrimp as 9-year-olds in the kitchen of their mother’s Thai restaurant, Jonnie and Mark Houston made a vow: No more long hours, thankless work, little time to relax.

Bottle service at Bootsy Bellows ranges from 5 to ,000. But something either went horribly awry or blissfully correct.

When making first contact with a veterinary practice it would be wise to assess the level of service that practice can provide.


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