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GBBS was also ported to run on the IBM PC XT using BASICA or GWBASIC.MACOS was a popular takeoff of GBBS and later became METAL, which was very ACOS-like and even more powerful.The Apple IIe ran the first GBBS systems and later the Apple //gs became the game platform and multiline answer GBBS sysops had long searched for. Edwards (by then good friends with Schaefer) had a small GBBS set up for a short time on an Apple //c with only a 140 k B (5.25-inch) floppy disk (but the IIc had 128 k B of RAM compared to 64 k B for the //e). Pro DOS, the operating system, took 32 k of storage space.(Compare to today's processors, operating systems and memory, etc.) There was a fairly extensive amount of (source) code written for the ACOS compiler and much of it is still available today.Early attempts to reset the date to 1990 only resulted in a year of "199:".The problem was only cosmetic, but stood out as revealing a system as not being up-to-date and possibly running pirated code.

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The GBBS software is still available for the Apple // and other systems that emulate the Apple II.The official fix was to upgrade to the next version of GBBS Pro which included a copyright statement for GBBS Pro to be sent to the user before hanging up the modem, which upset some runners of the software who ran their own source written for the ACOS interpreter and not the stock GBBS Pro source files and there was no API to suppress the copyright statement.Code was provided to detokenize code back into text source so that lost source could be recovered, but the original version of this code had two errors: two different tokens were decoded into the same instruction, and syntactic whitespace was omitted on another.(That put us on the map, John says of the experience.) The Pro BOARD // GBBS (Jp E's BBS) The World Wide support site for GBBS-Pro circa 1986-1995 was sold to and is on display at The Boston Computer Museum in Boston, MASS.This and other GBBS Systems were by 1990 so super-modified as to barely be recognizable as GBBS systems (via PSE or ANSI emulation and graphics.) John P.

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