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And then there are those 250 ethnic groups, the three largest of which comprise 68% of the population—Hausa in the north (mostly Muslim), Igbo in the southeast (mostly Christian), and Yoruba in the southwest (Muslim and Christian)—and these three groups’ general annoyance with each other is behind much of the country’s violent past and political instability.

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For those who are just kind of interested, I spent a quarter of my living years gathering the highlights into the below diagram.Before we get into what I learned in Nigeria, here’s who I learned most of it from— The best way to learn about a foreign place is to get to know locals, and I got lucky in Nigeria.Through a friend, I was put in touch with a 31-year-old Nigerian guy named Femi, who offered to pick me up at the airport when I arrived. There’s not really a more jarring travel experience than spending two weeks getting used to being in Japan and then going immediately to Nigeria.They’re opposite places in almost every way places can be opposite.

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