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Send us your article about Russian dating, Russia, Russian customs and traditions, travel to Russia, and other related topics, and we will publish it FREE of charge on our website, providing link back to your site!

PLEASE NOTE: This link exchange offer is only for the websites that have something to do with Russia (and other countries of the former Soviet Union), Russian Language, Russian Dating, or Travel to Russia.

Right-click the link to copy the address: Once you have copied the link, refer to instructions for subscribing to (or importing) calendars in your calendar application.

Generally, this involves finding the "Subscribe" command and pasting the URL in the following screen. If you edit any item in a third-party calendar, those changes will NOT be reflected/saved in Submittable.

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For more information about the parameters for the Get-OWAVirtual Directory cmdlet, see Get-Owa Virtual Directory.If you edit a calendar date in Submittable, your third-party calendar will be updated, but the frequency depends on which calendar you use.The following calendars are supported, and any other calendars that support i Calendar feeds (or file imports) should also be able to Sync with the Submittable calendar.If you use the Shell to view the properties of an Outlook Web App virtual directory, the information returned is a subset of the information that's available.If you use the EAC to view the properties of an Outlook Web App virtual directory, you'll be able to view most of the properties for the virtual directory that you’re viewing.This example lets you view the properties for all Outlook Web App virtual directories in all Internet Information Services (IIS) websites on all computers that have the Client Access server role installed in an Exchange organization.

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