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The statistics are staggering: One in three young people, during their teenage years, both male and female, will be involved in all types of abusive dating relationships, according to the Technology and Teen Dating Abuse Survey (2007) conducted by Teenage Research Unlimited for Liz Claiborne, Inc.This figure is up from the most commonly reported statistic of one in five females and one in 10 males in their teens, dealing with physical and sexual abuse.These workshops are available in high school and college versions, each tailored to start a meaningful conversation on healthy relationships.The programs can be single-sex or co-ed and easily facilitated by a college leader or an adult adviser.®" is a 90-minute program designed to teach teens, young adults and college students about unhealthy and abusive relationships.The discussion guide takes participants through a combination of interactive exercises, guided discussions, text studies, and a short film that help them explore the dynamics of relationships, learn to recognize and respond to warning signs of an abusive relationship, and create action steps for raising awareness and working to end dating abuse.

By teaching boys about the role they play in creating healthy relationships, while recognizing the pressures they face in being a ‘strong’ male, we can help equip them with the skills to make healthy relationship choices. The project emphasizes healthy masculinity and guides parents and boys to raise and become complete people who express themselves, care about others and thrive as good husbands, friends and members of the community."Dating Abuse: Tools for Talking to Teens" teaches adults to reach teens with messages on safe, healthy relationships.Click here to access the program."When Push Come to Shove…It’s No Longer Love!When the man said no, Wissenstern and his friends followed the couple, later asking the girl if she was Jewish and asking the man why he was dating Jewish women.Whene the man replied that they were just coworkers, Wissenstern pulled out a knife and said: “You are going out with a Jewish girl, we will f*** you up today.” Wissenstern and his friends started hitting the man until he fell on the ground.

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