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Through the Community Resilience to Climate Change and Natural Hazard Project (CRISP), GFDRR is helping the Solomon Islands carry out reforms that strengthen national institutional arrangements for climate change and DRM.This engagement has also helped the government begin investing in resilience at the provincial and community levels, and it continues to support the establishment of volcano and seismic monitoring systems. Following severe flash flooding in April 2014, GFDRR supported the preparation of a post-disaster needs assessment (PDNA), which measured the impact of flooding on society, economy, and the environment to better understand financing needs for recovery and reconstruction.Building upon these results, the Solomon Islands took part in the first multi-country PCRAFI insurance pilot, which tested a risk transfer arrangement to assess financial risks posed by natural hazards in the Pacific region.In 2012, GFDRR also supported the development of “Acting Today for Tomorrow: A Policy and Practice Note for Climate- and Disaster-Resilient Development in the Pacific Islands Region,” a report which informs the World Bank’s dialogue and engagement in the Pacific region.In April 2014, flash flooding in Guadalcanal Province was estimated to have displaced 10,000 people and caused damages and losses equivalent to 9 percent of the GDP.With 80 percent of the population living in rural areas, disaster response is often time-consuming and expensive.The government also undertook legislation and institutional reforms in its five-year Strategic Priorities (2015-2020) to create an enabling environment for climate change mitigation, adaptation, and disaster risk reduction.To further advance its climate and disaster risk management (DRM), national priorities include: GFDRR has supported the advancement of DRM in the Solomon Islands since 2008, with a focus on identifying and understanding risks, strengthening community resilience, and building back better after disasters.

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The Government of the Solomon Islands developed a Climate Change Policy (2012) that guides climate risk management work by identifying the multi-sectoral effects of climate change and calling for the integration of climate risk management across sectors.Mining at Gold Ridge, until recently the only producing mine in the country, was suspended in April 2014.Gold Ridge has been cited as both a cause and a target of the conflict that took place at the mine site and in Guadalcanal during the uprising.The Santa Cruz Islands are a group of small islands located some 345 miles (555 km) east of Guadalcanal; the largest island in the group is Nendö (also called Ndeni Island or Santa Cruz Island).Geologically, the Solomon Islands are part of the volcanic arc extending from New Ireland in Papua New Guinea to Vanuatu.

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