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But the overall situation has indeed significantly improved.We can see that in the quality of the banking assets and the non-performing exposures. More than €200 billion of additional capital had been raised by banks even before the Europe-wide comprehensive assessment in the autumn of 2014.It is probably more due to the health of the economy.When the economy improves, I think you will see lending activity improve too.A better and more effective supervision of euro area banks, more stability and more trust in the system?I think we are trusted to be tough and fair supervisors and to make the system sounder and safer.Besides setting up all these building blocks, we conducted the day-to-day supervision of banks and I think that this has already significantly improved banking supervision in the euro area.

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This year the challenge will be to establish good cooperation with the Single Resolution Board (SRB), which began operations on 1 January.Profitability is still a challenge for euro area banks.For certain banks, the challenges come more from legacy assets, such as non-performing exposures and provisions that have to be made; for others they come from narrow interest rate margins due to the current low level of interest rates.This being said, we were created at the end of a crisis and we received banks in different stages of recovery. Not all the banks were in bad shape after the crisis.But I am absolutely convinced that we have very significantly improved the situation. We did a lot but there is still much to do to improve the trust in the banking system. What is the current state of the banking system in Europe? There were thankfully some strong parts, otherwise our work would be even tougher.

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