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Personally, I have little to no interest in sexual relationships, and I have a lower desire for a romantic relationship than the average female. I'm so sure one of my previous boyfriends had aspergers, and I know I was his first, and so far, only relationship he's ever had. Does any Aspie *truly* want to interact one-on-one, in person, for hours and hours every single day? It's another matter entirely to get forced into hours of direct, if not *intimate*, interaction every day.I don't think he'd be compatible with normal girls. is there any Aspie who genuinely "gets" the point of romance in the traditional sense, let alone views it as anything besides an abstract, weird concept? * We have disastrous executive dysfunction, and can barely remember to call/text somebody we're hanging out with *tonight*, let alone remembering some anniversary or buying a gift for it. I have had multiple conversations with NT friends, one of whom is happily married, on this subject, and to my mind the most apt comparison is that trying to describe what romantic love is like to me is like trying to describe an elephant to a blind man.Aspies may have a hard time being affectionate due to sensory issues or not being aware of when it's appropriate.Aspies are more practical & may not like or get the point in romantic stuff.I've read somewhere that most young men with Asperger's never dated, and that the marriage rates in those with Asperger's Syndrome are very low compared to the general population.In what way, and how, do you think Asperger's impacts romantic (and/or sexual) relationships?Then there is the problem of an aspie's tendency, no matter how much behavioural and social therapy they may have had, to be unexpecedly and brutally honest, or to ask the kind of question which means well and sounds logical to the aspie, but which can make the NT feel like they've been hit in the face by a bag of bricks.A colleague at work was saying how she was going to be moving from her house into a small flat while she changed jobs.

I've seen several posts in the parents' discussion forums where the mother has wondered why their aspie child has only told her once that (s)he loves her.I'm betting the divorce rate for aspie couples would be lower than NT aspie couples.Of course, aspies are usually more socially awkward than NTs, so it's harder to start a relationship in the first place.My AS is an issue when it comes to voicing my feelings and emotions when it might upset my partner. like routines, predictability & consistency so NTs may think they are not fun.I prefer to hold it in to save them the trouble, which in turn causes more trouble Aspies are more socially awkward. Aspies have a hard time expressing emotions in the way NTs are used to reading them; NTs misinterpret the Aspies tone of voice & facial expressions & Aspies can be oblivious to those signs in the NT.

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