Dating fire king

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On 22 November 1430 the chief governor and council of Ireland agreed that .

should be spent on the repair of Dublin castle because ‘the king’s castle of Dublin and the great hall and other buildings and towers within the castle in which the books and records of the chancery, both benches and the exchequer are kept are ruinous and greatly in need of repair, and for lack of repair of the hall, towers and buildings the books and records are greatly damaged by rain and storms, and greater damage may easily occur for lack of Even after adjusting for the embellishments that accompany all attempts to crank medieval administrative machinery into action, we may well believe that the medieval rolls had suffered much by the dawn of the Tudor era.

It would be foolhardy to pretend that we can say with any precision how many membranes would have constituted an ‘average’ Irish chancery roll in the Middle Ages, not least because their length fluctuated over time; but a roll of membranes would not have been exceptionally large in the later fourteenth century.

(If this estimate is low then the next point has still greater force.) Of the ninety-seven rolls extant in 1828, only thirty had more than 10 membranes.

The yard was littered with chunks of masonry and records; pieces of white paper were gyrating in the upper air like seagulls.

The explosion seemed to give an extra push to roaring orange flames which formed patterns across the sky.

His protest continues: ‘The Roof is shored up from end to end, and in danger of falling in by every high wind.As we stood near the gate there was a loud shattering explosion …The munitions block and a portion of Headquarters block went up in flames and smoke …After temporizing for over two months, Free State forces began to shell the Four Courts on 28 June, and Ireland slipped into civil war.On the afternoon of 30 June 1922 the ‘munitions block’ went up. The record treasury was under fire from the National Army and a shell could have caused the massive explosion; but, according to one account, the ‘irregulars’ trapped in the Four Courts detonated two lorry-loads of as a final act of defiance.

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