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Originally this was Duane Allman’s daughter Galadrielle’s nursery.Proudly displayed here is an original vintage table from the famous H&H Restaurant, whose proprietor Louise Hudson became the band’s second mama: “Mama Louise”.Colin Cooper Pete Haycock Derek Holt George Newsome Arthur Wood Richard Jones Anton Farmer Peter Filleul John Cuffley Nicky Hopkins Dave Marquee Henry Spinetti John "Rhino" Edwards Jeff Rich Roger Inniss Johnny Pugh The Climax Blues Band (originally known as the Climax Chicago Blues Band) is a British blues rock band. Newsome continues to drum regularly with Jenks around the Wolverhampton pub blues rock scene.) Wood quit in 1972, and the group continued as a foursome, dropping "Chicago" from its name. A previously unknown recording of a live performance was released as Climax Blues Band/World Tour 1976 by the Major League Productions (MLP) record label.The band was formed in Stafford, England, in 1967 by vocalist and harmonica player Colin Cooper (1939–2008), guitarist and vocalist Pete Haycock (1951–2013), guitarist Derek Holt (b. The album Sample and Hold was recorded for Virgin Records in 1983 by Haycock, Cooper, and Glover, with a rhythm section composed of the session musicians Dave Marquee and Henry Spinetti.The display cases showcase items from the band from 1973 to present.See rare items such as Lamar Williams’ jacket that he wore while performing at a benefit for then-Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter’s presidential campaign in 1975.

Stand and gaze out the window where Dickey Betts wrote “Blue Sky” and you will see the church that is referenced in this iconic song. This was a cheerful place in the house as this is the area that Linda, Berry and their daughter occupied. He has since recorded two albums with Jenks, Tear Down the Walls in 2008, a collection of original material by Jenks, followed by Realms of Glory, a collection of original and traditional Christmas songs. (In 2006 Newsome teamed up with the Wolverhampton blues rock guitarist Tim Jenks.This is also the room where founding guitarist Dickey Betts, although not a full-time resident here, slept on a pull¬out couch quite often with his girlfriend Sandy Blue Sky.On the wall is an overview of the band’s history in concert posters, arranged chronologically from left to right.

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