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However, by the mid 1920s, quilt colors changed from the somber blacks and browns of mourning to a more cheerful palette of pastels made possible by advances in newer dyes.During the 1920s, a huge array of solid and calico fabrics was created, celebrating the vibrancy of that decade.Now organically washed and ready for your approval.Absolutely stunning is my first reaction to seeing this quilt hung.

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The most recent exhibit in Packwood’s series of quilt shows, 2012’s “Pennsylvania Quilts II” examined the collection based on patterns, including stars, squares, rectangles, triangles, curves, flowers, and one-patch patterns.

The 1/4” binding was put on by hand using the same fabric as the 5” border. You can’t take this quilt too literally, especially with 60 stars on each flag.

However, it is a fun piece of folk art with a very positive feel about it..needed in today's world of politics.

American society was deeply affected both by the losses of the Civil War and the cultural trend begun in England by a mourning Queen Victoria.

Darkness continued through the devastation of World War I.

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