Dating and infj

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You might feel as if you are speaking different languages as your interpretation and recall of each situation are often wildly different.It is critical for both of you to slow down, communicate clearly and understand your partner’s perspective.Based on the personality archetypes identified by Carl Jung, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator helps people make sense of the seemingly disconnected behaviors performed by themselves and others.The MBTI is used in applications ranging from pre-employment screening to identifying learning styles.

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While the INFJ applies intuition and interpretation to incoming data, the ISFJ prefers to put off analysis in favor of taking in the facts as they occur.

They might not all be equally true of every INFJ, but this list is the result of feedback from and discussion with nearly 20 different INFJs so you’re getting a pretty good idea of what we’d like to say to you.

Even though I’m an INFJ myself and I’ve written a fairly successful book about the INFJ personality type, I still like to get feedback from other INFJs before writing a post like this.

Grounded in Jungian theory, the test uses four different dimensions to define 16 personality archetypes.

Each personality type is considered equal, but each has its individual perspective on the world.

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