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The area of what is now Macedonia, Kosovo, and Albania was a melting pot of Thracian, Illyrian and Greek cultures in ancient times.Aside from an Illyrian origin, a Dacian or Thracian origin is also hypothesized.The Illyrian language and the Thracian language are often considered to have been on different Indo-European branches.Not much is left of the old Illyrian, Dacian or Thracian tongues, making it difficult to match Albanian with them.

Such evidence unfortunately may not be easily forthcoming because of a lack of sources.

The Venetic tribes, formerly considered Illyrian, are no longer considered categorised with Illyrians.

The same is sometimes said of the Thracian language.

Schramm argues that such an early Christianization would explain the otherwise surprising virtual absence of any traces of a pre-Christian pagan religion among the Albanians as they appear in history during the Late Middle Ages.

According to this theory, the Bessoi were deported en masse by the Byzantines at the beginning of the 9th century to central Albania for the purpose of fighting against the Bulgarians.

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