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When you visit him at his Condo for the first time you may notice he has all the creature comforts such as a big screen T. If you peek in his cupboards he probably has a variety of different soups too.

If you peek around some more you may find another collection…I am sure.(collecting/hoarding) Soaps shampoos and toothpastes, he bought on sale perhaps…Taurus will collect just about anything for a rainy day, or because he thinks it may be of value in the future.

As he introduces himself, he smiles and shakes your hand.

You notice how strong and clean his teeth appear to be. (creature comforts) and probably a huge bolted lock on the inside of his Condo door, He has an endless collection of DVDs from all genres.

He notices you looking at him, but he takes his time in coming over to you.But When the Scorpio man falls in love, he falls deep.He is a compassionate lover, full of surprises, full of energy.Be careful the two of you do not focus solely on fitness and making and saving money. Cancer Girlfriend has all her needs met in the Taurus Boyfriend.Be sure to embrace spiritual, and intellectual pursuits for balance. The Gemini woman will bring stimulation and fun to the Taurus boyfriends routine of predictability, and self indulgence. Love, understanding, patience, stability, organization, creature comforts of home, priority of love and family. The leo girlfriend may feel kind of bored with all of Tauruses normal behavior.

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