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Tutorial Goals: Install Linux Server Run Linux Server Install HLDS Run HLDS The first part of this tutorial will focus on properly installing and setting up a Linux server.My distro of choice is Linux Ubuntu Server 10.10 but any server distro will work.This tutorial will focus specifically on setting up a Counter Strike 1.6 server using Linux OS. There is a lot of setup that goes into a HLDS and then you have to add that to setting up a Linux server.That's right, in case you didn't read the title closely this tutorial will be using Linux to run the server.

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Killing Floor is one example that uses the HLDS tool to install and run a game server.If you have Windows 7 just right click on the downloaded file and chose .Any other version of Windows you will need to download third-party software to burn the image. Make sure to burn the ISO at the slowest speed settings allowed.Therefor if you ever have an issue most likely a quick Google search will help in solving your problem.Ubuntu also updates on a very strict schedule with a release schedule of every six months and constant automatic updates for up to five years.

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