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A 2% conversion rate should be the baseline goal for your online store.Once you hit that and are doing all 28 of the below effectively, then you can move onto more advanced conversion rate tactics.This applies whether you are just starting up and running the whole show yourself, or if you are an ecommerce manager or marketing director who has signed up to hit massive goals and KPIs for the year.First, let’s begin by defining a conversion –– which often has a different definition business to business.That might leave you thinking Ad Words just doesn’t work for you.But if you’re in Consumer Services, where the average conversion rate is actually 5%, the reality is that you’re seriously underperforming.

You need to know your end goal to accurately define conversions that align with business goals.

They actually have the lowest conversion rates among industries for Google Display ads! Would you believe ads about couches, lamps, desks and other furnishings and goods for the home convert at an average rate of 2.19% in Display?

So which super sexy industry does best with Display ads? That’s higher than any of the twenty other industries we evaluated.

As long as you’re trending towards better than worse, you’re doing great… We found that on average, Google Ad Words advertisers are seeing conversion rates of 2.70% on the Search network, and 0.89% on the Display network. Except you’re still doing 0.7% crappier than the average, and the average isn’t exceptional. Not only can you be better than average, but once you surpass that plateau, you can do in Ad Words.

Benchmarks are an important consideration on top of your own data, because if you were getting 1% conversion for your Search ads and doubled it to 2%, you might think that was pretty awesome. It’s crazy; there are all these accounts seemingly content to hover around slightly below or slightly above average. They stubbornly just sit there, waiting for something to happen.

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