Christian carter interviews dating relationship experts

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Since 1998, he’s become one of the most frequently-quoted dating experts in the media. I’m gonna put these interviews on CD’s and play them in my car 50 times so that I get the lessons. He offers his advice as a writer for The Huffington Post, Ask Men and across television segments, newspapers and magazines, including MTV, The New York Times, MSNBC, Fox News, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health and E! Jonathon is a successful entrepreneur, coach, speaker, and the author of Understand Men NOW ~ the Relationships Men Commit to and Why and “ONLINE DATING SECRETS REVEALED.” He teaches the Do’s and Don’ts of Internet Dating and helps women become date and relationship ready. So one day it hit me: I had to get my favorite male relationship experts together and “pick their brains” officially – with recording devices present and “on” – and get it all down for posterity for you. I invited seven of my favorite male relationship and dating coaches to sit down, one at a time, for an interview.

Through the course of over 10,000 hours of coaching women as they shared their heartbreaking dating stories, Jonathon found his true gift and passion as a Heart Champion for women. I’m getting re-inspired to keep going through the disappointments of online dating… I just love “picking their brains” and finding out what they think (and better yet – what the men they work with and hear from think! And much of the time the things they tell me are things I’ve never read in a book or “study” before.Often the gold comes from them sharing their own experiences in their own love lives, as well as the feedback they’ve heard from clients…In other words, one wrong move (or attitude/ outfit/ hairdo/ comment/food in your teeth) from you and he’s G-O-N-E.Put reasons #1 and #2 together, and it’s no wonder that women are having such a hard time connecting with men these days.

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