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That ranks second only to now-defunct Petty Enterprises.

The team built by Richard Petty and his father dates back to NASCAR's inaugural Sprint Cup (then Strictly Stock) event, on June 19, 1949. Ricky Hendrick was the heir apparent at Hendrick Motorsports.

Among them were his brother John, nieces Kimberly and Jennifer, and engine builder Randy Dorton, one of the race team's original five employees.

There was also Du Pont executive Joe Jackson, Jan's husband.

He has endured unimaginable success at the racetrack and unspeakable grief off of it.

On Easter Sunday 1966, the 16-year-old Hendrick raced that car. So he deconstructed the engine, washed the parts in gasoline, and placed them into a five-gallon bucket.

For reasons he has long ago forgotten, that bucket made its way into the attic of his parents' house in Virginia.

"The guys on his team took this trailer, fixed it up like this, a real tribute to Ricky, and gave it to me."Hendrick runs his hand over the glass case that displays his son's gear."I couldn't even make myself come in here for the longest time. But I already had all of these cars I was collecting and all of this family memorabilia piling up, so we brought Ricky's trailer in here and everything else just kind of grew up around it."Among the items kept in the massive facility is a nondescript set of engine parts.

A camshaft and a set of 15 lifters pulled from a Chevy drag racer.

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