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The bishops said Catholics must work to change recent state and federal laws church leaders believe violate religious freedom.History: Bishop Daniel Jenky was offering 'historical context and comparisons' aimed at preventing attack on the church when drawing links to Adolf Hitler, left, and Joseph Stalin, right, according to church officials Americans United for Separation of Church and State, meanwhile, filed a formal complaint asking the Internal Revenue Service to investigate the diocese, suggesting Jenky may have crossed a line that put the church's tax-exempt status in jeopardy.One diocese has already said it is likely to close its adoption charities.Some of the long-standing charities have not opposed adoption by same-sex couples since Labour's 2007 Sexual Orientation Regulations stated that no organisation or company may discriminate against gays.

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But she and two colleagues said the charity's activities would be unlawful if it went on refusing to accept gay adoptive parents.

Other Catholic adoption agencies declined to comment.

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