Can men women friends after dating

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Because here’s the thing: as I’ve always suspected, men think about opposite-sex friendships much differently than women do.This study looked at 88 pairs of opposite-sex friends and discovered that the majority of men were attracted to their female friends.Even our resident guy expert Ethan pretty much agrees!Do you know how many times I’ve heard dudes say that it’s not possible for girls to be friend-zoned because their friend would always be willing to try to take things to another level? When I used to waitress, I was friends with most of the guys that I worked with.I’m not saying that I don’t think men and women can be friends at all. I just think that in these friendships, one person is always going to have more than platonic feelings for the other person.Maybe your guy friend secretly thinks you’re hot and sort of wants to get in your pants.And I started thinking about it and wondering why that is. It may be true, but it’s more likely that it’s the rejection talking. Men (and women) do not want a constant reminder of their rejection when hanging out with so-called “friends”.If I went on one date with a woman, and she thought I was nice, but wasn’t attracted to me, that would probably hurt.

I had zero romantic interest in most of these guys.

The majority of men believed that their female friends were attracted to them also – but those guys were wrong.

It turns out that majority of women were not attracted to their male friends and also had no idea that their male friends were attracted to them.

To clarify my intentions, I never kept my women friends around to potentially go back to them as booty calls (which is a pretty common technique).

It’s more that I tend to think highly of those I’ve dated and don’t see why we couldn’t at least remain “friendly”, if not friends.

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