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During a group bootcamp, clients have the chance to learn from each other. There’s actually a reason why I prefer group coaching sessions instead of private ones.My motto on this subject would be: I found APB’s take on racism interesting because it reminded me of a guy who asked me privately on the Natural Game Forums: “Do you think there are any differences for Asian guys? ” When he read APB’s blog, he was under the impression that being Asian makes everything harder.” My answer is: yes and no. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. From my experience, racism stems from a person’s misunderstanding, misconception or plain ignorance about another culture.Being Asian is harder if you believe it to make things harder. The more you believe in the existence of racism, the more you will find occurences of racism in your life to reinforce your current view of the world. If you’ve watched The Secret, you can consider this an effect of the law of attraction. No matter where I live, there are lots of things that I could construe as racism, but that’s not where I put my energy and thoughts in.I can see how students speak so highly of him as a dating coach.I particularly liked his breakdown of attraction switches because it gave a lot of insights on the universal or specific values that a man can cultivate in his life to become more attractive.If you are curious, go check the Bristol Lair’s lair list to see if a lair already exists in your city or not. In this sea of mostly Asian men, she was the elusive “White Woman.” I sat down with her near the back of the room and we exchanged a quick chuckle.I can’t vouch for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the list. Not only would it be my first time meeting people in a lair, but I’d also get to meet Asian Playboy himself. Being Asian and all, I could identify with him easily as I read about the challenges he faced when he started his journey on becoming a Pick Up Artist. I waved at some of the guys I invited, then I turned around to check on my guest. I liked how comfortable she was at being the only woman in the room.

He started with an explanation of his ABC’s of Attraction (Approach, Buying Temperature, Comfort, Direct Interest, Escalate/Extract, Fuck/Fun) and gave an overview of his attraction switches (divided in Money, Power and Charisma).

As I walked in the room a few minutes late, everyone looked at me with big curious eyes. She glanced at me, I looked back at her, we smiled.

I admit: she definitely had the cute librarian look going for herself that day, especially when she pulled out her glasses.

Today, instead of starting my HBO Girls commentary right away, I decided to answer some more questions from my readers. When I meet a client, I love learning about who they are and where they come from. Guys who come for coaching all have the same debilitating fears that prevent them from having the best dating lives they can want.

I usually focus on guys’ issues but this time, I decided to answer two great questions from women. Unlike generic dating advice that you may find in Cosmo, I dig deep into the root of the issue and give you specific steps and reasons you need to take into consideration before you come to your own conclusions. I take pride in just listening to their stories and deepest darkest insecurities. (more…) A month ago, Asian Playboy (APB) came to Los Angeles to give a free seminar to the So Cal Lair.

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