Beautifulpeople net is a dating website odpowiedzi first time meet online dating

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Then after you have joined, you make contact with other members in the hope of starting a loving relationship. It’s an online club with a very exclusive membership: it only accepts beautiful people. Many people try to join, but only one in twenty is successful. Maybe it was because she was wearing some baggy jeans, a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of old trainers or maybe they didn’t think she was pretty enough 5. Why don’t you change the name of your dating website to CZŁOWIEK It's easier to love humanit as a whole than to love one's neighbour.' ERIC HOFFER (AMERICAN SOCIAL WRITER, 90 98) DANE OSOBOWE Uzupełnij formularz informacjami o sobie. So the alwas have a cool haircut, and the never wear checked shirts, knitted jumpers or striped pjamas. 47 TEST TYPU PRAWDA-FAłSZ CC S Ł U C H A N I E C Z Y T A N I E TEST WIELOKROTNEGO WYBORU CC8 Odpowiedzcie w parach na ptanie. scruff (adj.) range (of sth.) (n.) mascara (n.) 4 act (v.) 5 shake (v.) a variet, a number of different things of the same tpe b to tremble, to make small, uncontrolled movements because ou are cold or frightened c tpe of cosmetic used to colour eelashes d dirt and untid e to perform in a pla or film Odpowiedzcie w parach na ptania. 6 Phil s girlfriend did not realise what he had done. You know it was created in Photoshop, but ou still think, I wish I looked like that. Podziel się nowiną i powiedz, gdzie nowa para się poznała. Podaj prznajmniej jedną cechę charakteru opiswanej osob popartą przkładem. Następnie zakreśl zdania, które wkorzstasz w swoim liście. D) GRAMATYKA NA MATURZE CZAS PRESENT SIMPLE VV Przecztaj poniższe zdania pochodzące z tekstu i spróbuj uzupełnić brakujące czasowniki. He s reall bright and he knows it, but he s laz and dislikes homework. The re ver careful about their appearance because although the love laughing at others, the can t stand it if anone laughs at them. Tell me about an important event from our life which is recorded in photographs. Dopasuj definicje a e do wrazów 5, które pojawią się w nagraniu. Phil went shopping because he wanted to T F bu some cosmetics. T F The man who bought lip gloss was slim and T F delicate-looking. T F 5 Putting on the make-up was so difficult T F that Phil washed his face and gave up. A photo of a model, male or female, whose bod is so perfect that it s clearl impossible. zadaniematuralne Napisz list do kolegi/koleżanki z Irlandii, żeb opowiedzieć o nowm chłopaku/nowej dziewcznie kogoś z grona waszch wspólnch przjaciół. Postaw znak prz tch zdaniach, które wrażają poztwną opinię na temat nowego związku, a znak prz tch, które wrażają negatwną opinię. Wbierz z ćwiczenia 8 czter przmiotniki opisujące uczucia. To look more intelligent, the wear glasses even if the don t need them. This sort of thing happens all the time, to women of all ages and even to men. I d be surprised if a bo I know started going to ballet classes. What is our opinion of the dating website described in the article? Then after ou have joined, ou make contact with other members in the hope of starting a loving relationship. It s an online club with a ver exclusive membership: it onl accepts beautiful people. The admire their teachers and the look down on immature, irresponsible kids. What adjective(s) could ou use to describe the people? About the age of thirteen she became obsessed with magazine photos of models and film stars. At fourteen she had to go to hospital to be treated for anorexia. 5 The author tells Debbie s stor to show that A other places share the same ideas as C some clubs don t let ou enter if ou re not a member of 6 The author believes that A we should like everone. C it is a good thing to judge people b their appearance. A dating site for beautiful people with ugl minds 4 Odpowiedzcie w parach na ptania. In our view, how important is appearance and personalit? To join ou have to send in a photo of ourself along with a profile describing what kind of person ou are. Would ou like to have an of the smart clothes described in the programme? Napisz kilkuzdaniow akapit o którmś z poniższch tpów uczniów. Opisując tpowe zachowania, użwaj czasu Present Simple. In our opinion, what characteristics should a good bofriend or girlfriend have? CZłOWIEK zadaniematuralne 7 Opisz zdjęcie i odpowiedz na ptania. treningmaturaln Skąd wiem, która odpowiedź jest właściwa? Dopasuj objaśnienia 4 do opcji A D oraz uzupełnij znajdujące się w nich ctat.

Personall, I can t stand people who look down on others just because of their appearance.

Następnie przporządkuj opisane tp osób (A D) do podanch zdań ( 6). t M Ó W I E N I E ROZMOWA WSTęPNA CC4 OPIS ILUSTRACJI CC8 Odpowiedzcie na ptania w parach. Man people tr to join, but onl one in twent is successful. 4 In the future smart clothes could remind ou to A put the washing machine on.

appearance personalit how ou re feeling now clothes zadaniematuralne Przecztaj tekst. The avoid wearing clothes which could make them look funn. The love casual sports clothes and wear tracksuits, trainers and a baseball cap at all times. Fashion victims onl ever fall in love with other fashion victims, and the re alwas in a good mood except when the shops are shut. 4 Opisz zdjęcie, korzstając z odpowiedzi na ptania w ćwiczeniu. is A a website that gives ou advice on relationships. But if the don t find ou attractive, the ma send ou rude messages criticising our appearance. 5 Clothes which release smells to change our feelings are A not available in the shops et.

gloves hat jumpers sandals scarf shorts socks trunks underpants MOTHER: Here ou are, Mike.

Następnie, pracując w parze z kolegą/koleżanką, opisz mu/jej pozostałe osob. Pracując w parach, opisz znajome osob, które można nimi scharakterzować. worring/worried depressed/depressing exciting/excited frustrated/frustrating surprising/surprised boring/bored CECHY CHARAKTERU Wbierz poprawną odpowiedź. She tends to think everthing over and she doesn t often make stupid decisions.

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