Avg antispyware not updating soul dating site

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I agree with computereater, that would be the best thing to try first.However AVG probably leaves stuff in Documents & Settings etc too.The real lesson would take pages and pages, plus experience. The help given on here is free in folks spare time, so it's not a case of what the forum does but how much time individual people are prepared to spend on posts.Anyhow, if you want to go that way I'll try to cut things down to size.

It might be worth stopping just there to see if AVG then installs.If it doesn't help do the file search and removal again then continue as per below: You then type regedit in the Run box.Before you alter the registry use the regedit "File Export" facility from its My Computer root.Save the reg file this produces so you will be able double click this and merge back everything if you delete the wrong thing. An even better approach would be to first install a little freebie program called ERUNT which makes a perfect copy of your registry before you start which can be restored if necessary.Next use the "Edit Find" facility in the registry to look for AVG and Grisoft (two searches).

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