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This collection represents highlights from the Fitzhugh and Byron firm and encompasses the elevations and floor plans of 89 projects, totaling 274 drawings.

Legal briefs submitted to the Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One, and the Arizona Supreme Court drawn from the Arizona Briefs Collection maintained by the Ross-Blakley Law Library at the Arizona State University.

It includes photographs, postal documents, postcards, postmarks, and covers or cachets, which are envelopes with special illustrations on them.

There were a number of different post office locations in the Oracle area during the territorial period, including the American Flag Ranch, Acadia Ranch, and the Mercantile Store.

The Arizona Automobile Correspondence collection is comprised of advertising covers - mail that was originally sent by Arizona automotive dealers and other automotive-related companies.

In fact, during the 1920s, the plant also supplied 70% of the electricity to Phoenix.

The Arizona Adjutants General exhibit is comprised of photographs of Adjutants General in Arizona from territorial days to the present.

An Adjutant General is the highest ranking officer of a state's militia or National Guard when it is not called into federal service.

In addition to a list of residents and businesses, researchers can find occupations, if a woman was a widow or head of household, or whether the resident owned or rented the property.

Many directories contain a history of the city, state and region, information on the climate, topography and natural resources of the area, and in some instances photographs.

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