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If the face angle is "closed," the clubface is aligned to the left of the target line (for right-handers).It is not unusual for golf manufacturers to make golf clubs with face angles that are slightly open or slightly closed, usually by about 1-degree either way.Face angle is measured in degrees and that measurement can often be found on manufacturers' websites when they list the specs (or specifications) of their clubs.It is also known as "clubface angle." An example in a sentence might be: "If you have a bad slice, you might want to try clubs with closed face angles." If the clubface is aligned directly at the target line, the face angle is "square." An "open" face angle means the clubface is aligned to the right of the target line (for right-handed players).

To determine your wrist-to-floor measurement wear regular shoes and stand on a hard surface with your arms and shoulders hanging relaxed at your sides. With this measurement and your height, use the table below to calculate the proper club length for you and lie angle. The charts below are for consistent carry yardages only (not including roll).

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