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"He allegedly grabbed her by the throat and started choking her.” Brendon had left the downtown hotel by the time police arrived, but they found him a few blocks away and arrested him at p.m., police told the Times Union of Albany. Brendon now faces charges of robbery, obstruction of breathing and criminal mischief to go with others from his prior arrests this year. Brendon was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication during the XCon World Comic Convention in May.

Police said he also got booked for criminal mischief and property damage at one Florida hotel in March and for refusing to pay his bill at another Florida hotel the month before.

“I commend those living with depression, alcoholism, the kicker that is dual diagnosis and are brave enough to speak out and ask for help,” Brendon wrote.

Who ever knew the day would come that we would interview live and in person, core Scoob himself, Nicholas Brendon (not to mention the fabulous Anthony Stewart Head). Nicholas Brendon: I have been meeting fans and pimping myself.

It’s basically like these koalas have a very long rap list and basically on their rap list, they’ve done none of these things. NB: No, but we're gonna have..of the nemeses on, the nemesi, on Very Bad Koalas is gonna be um... They're gonna come up upon a couple of beavers that are some chicks. I mean, and then what we're gonna do after, I don't know.

" Buffyfest: He’s always my favorite character in any of those old like '60s… Next Wednesday, it’s kinda like “More to be revealed”. Buffyfest: Do you think there's any chance for a crossover between the koalas and the kittens? Cause we're already outlined out for the first season.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buffyfest: What have you been doing in New York? Do you think Xander would ever under any circumstances betray her? We found out at the end, 2nd to last issue, that someone who’s close to Buffy is going to betray her. Buffyfest: What do you think are Xander's lowest and highest moments? Buffyfest: Did you guys doing anything specific, you and Emma Caulfield, to prepare for that emotional scene? I mean, I’m doing a show right now, Private Practice, and there was a thing where the characters, they reunite so they make sure that the actors didn’t see each other for 6-7 days. It's like, what are we portraying here and I’ll try and do my best. NB: I think probably, at the end of the day, it’s Buffy. Having sex with Faith and then getting his ass handed to him. NB: It was rough only because that rain that was outside was freezing! Buffyfest: What do you think is the best relationship he had with anybody as far as the women he had interaction with – Cordy, Anya, Buffy, Willow.

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