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significantly more likely to be married than those with high school diplomas and those living in ...

Online spaces are used infrequently for meeting romantic partners, but play a ...

You talk a great deal about your mother in the book.

I don’t care if people want to get married, it doesn’t really interest me.

You have to make a promise in your 20s or 30s, whenever you do it, without any idea what happens as life goes along, what happens to you or your partner.

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Since our first speed dating function in 2013 we have celebrated 2 engagements, 1 wedding and many long term relationships that began with a five-minute meeting at JJ speed dating.

Ros Brennan Ros is an arts writer who dabbles in travel, music, philosophy and anything where she can thrash out an idea.

They sat face to face and answered a series of increasingly personal questions.

I'm hurt because I give him everything and I want him to be a part of my entire life, not just pieces.

And yet, I regret loving him, loving the children, every day.

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