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Second, if the tenant pays before the hearing, the eviction will be void.Third, if it’s just for non-payment of rent and it’s a first offence, the judge or hearing officer may not grant an eviction, but may offer the tenant an opportunity to pay the rent before a certain date or even set up a payment plan allowing them to get caught up.7 letter of agreement with New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, Yahoo General Counsel Michael Callahan acknowledged that "certain individuals, interested in engaging in sexual conduct with minors, have at times entered or even created chat rooms for such purposes.

The courts won’t be an option for normal evictions if you live in an area serviced by the RTDRS anymore.One investigator, posing as a 14-year-old girl, reported receiving 35 personal messages of a sexual nature over 25 minutes, Spitzer said.The senders of those messages appeared to be adult chat room participants, he said.First is the traditional 14 day eviction notice given to the tenant informing them that they need to pay before the eviction date set in the notice or they should move out.This is usually where landlords start and is very effective as a warning tactic and to get tenants back on track.

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