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At Freemanart, our experts also value and investigate the authenticity of and appraise rare and antique books, bibles and first editions, maps, photographs, authenticate autographs and drawings in pencil, silver point, pen and ink and charcoal.Coins, medals, stamps, postcards and private collections of all kinds.One that is both recognised and accepted around the world.Our distinguished clients include; Law firms from all over the globe.This includes research and all closed archiving and the forensic and comparative analysisfine art services, are incredibly varied, highly confidential and often times extremely delicate matters.Pursuing fully confidential investigations for clients, we aid the legal profession and law enforcement agencies involved in the prosecution of art fraud and forgery. Getting to the truth and securing solid supportive evidence and proof.Providing special services and information support including factual referencing, research and image access, script content analysis and location management to a large number of production companies internationally.

Just like in a court case judgement, all of this has to be 'achievable' before the work of art can ultimately be pronounced absolutely authentic.Including; Genres, Artists and Geographical Regions The incredible diversity of our workload ranges from art that is purportedly by such eminent artists as Picasso, van Gogh and Monet, right through to the authentication and attribution of all Old and Modern Art Freemanart's clients the huge advantage of us being already in place to conduct any major European artist or art attribution investigation.Professional Preliminary Pre Authentication Assessments of Clients Projects Full Authenticity Investigations conducted Internationally and World Wide Research and Archiving Forensic Art Analysis Fine Art Valuations Personal Acquisition Management and Advice on Fine Art Investments.The identification and investigation of fakes and counterfeit works of art. are factual Consultants to the Film & Television industry on both sides of the Atlantic.

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