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The times are over where you needed to dive through folders to find the material you need.Just select the combination of attributes and the preset manager will show you the materials that fit these attributes. Besides this new way of finding and loading presets, the MATERIAL MANAGER also manages bitmaps in a completely new way.The Lite Edition is though LIMITED to only load, save and manage presets from our own material and map plugins.MATERIAL MANAGER Lite Edition is NOW available with the purchase of Walls & Tiles, Crossmap and Mosaic.* ENHANCEMENT: VPMM-85 – Default window size too small * ENHANCEMENT: VPMM-68 – (temporarily) disable BORDER on set attributes * FIX: deactivated blur value set to 0.01 on creation of plugin * FIX: compatibility with version 1.4 of crossmap * FIX: corona setting progressive_time Limit * CHANGE: disabled turning off gamma setting when rendering thumbnail This video shows how to install and use Material Manager Pro (public beta).You´ll see how to create a macro button to open Material Manager in general mode, you´ll see how to load and save basic presets, how to define and filter by attributes and how to submit feedback for the Pro beta version.Just use the proprietary format to export one or more presets and import in Material Manager.The online User Library provides a growing repository of shared materials and maps by other users and VIZPARK.

If you are looking for a material or map preset, you don´t want to waste time searching through several material libraries.You can import 3Ds Max libraries and automatically render thumbnails for each of the presets.You can also export self-contained presets including the bitmaps for better exchange with colleagues or other artists.With Material Manager, you can assign up to 5 preview images per preset, which can be enlarged for better viewing.Material Manager offers two methods of importing presets and one option to export presets.

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