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Take the faith walk challenge to sharpen your listening skills to hear God's orders.

ACTIVITYFaith Walk Have a parent or sibling set up an obstacle course in the backyard.

Whatever the man called each living thing, that became its name. Adam is a mighty warrior because he believed God could get him out of the mess he had created. "The woman answered the snake, "We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden. Satan is sneaky, but he is not more powerful than God.

Go NNER looks like the best nightmare you could possibly have.

We will do our best to keep it as up to date as possible. Flip Wars is a colorful multiplayer strategy game that can be enjoyed with up to four players. Stuck in a war over a valuable substance, new weapons were invented—steampunky combat machines—to turn the tide of the war. Phantom Trigger is a hack-and-slash action-adventure game for up to two players. For this multiplayer party game, players must use their phones or tablets to compete in one of the four mini games. It's essentially this: while stuck in a creepy old house, you have 30 minutes to find a vaccine to cure your teammate. You know this game: Shoot colorful orbs to the top of the screen to create chains of color the same color. There are multiple game modes and you can choose between six different pilots. Play against the computer or team up with a friend in the co-op mode. The Striker (usually the fourth player) can only be summoned a few times and for special attacks. You fight battles, level-up characters, and purchase/upgrade your items. Like most rhythm-based games (Guitar Hero, for one), you are required to push buttons in rhythm with the music.

The goal is to flip as many of the game tiles to your color. ACA Neo Geo’s The King of Fighters 2000 is an arcade-style fighting game. Ironcast is a single-player strategy game inspired by science fiction writers like H. Defeat your enemy by solving puzzles and upgrading your armory. There are five worlds to explore, each containing mini-levels and puzzles. This single-player RPG adventure game revolves around a one-armed warrior named Sasha. Use two flippers on the bottom of the screen to bounce a ball back up and destroy blocks on the top of the screen. Puzzle Adventure Blockle has eight worlds to navigate. Retro City Rampage DX is an 8-bit open-world shooter game packed full of awesome Chiptune music (think Gameboy soundtracks). The game includes crossovers from others like Super Meat Boy and Minecraft. Included: a fill-in-the-blank challenge and one one called “EXTRA, EXTRA! This combat game requires just one button and your directional buttons. Shephy is a single-player card game wherein you combine cards—each has a different number of sheep on it—in order to reach 1,000 sheep. If your teammate falls ill again, you have to start over in a new, randomly generated house. You can play locally or online against people from around the country. What makes this game more difficult (and somewhat mind-melting) is that it makes you play against the rhythm as well. Defend yourself against an opponent as they hurl ‘Boing-Boings’—or bullets—at you. Minecraft has finally arrived on the Nintendo Switch.

Tie a string or piece of yarn to the top of the cone, leaving enough to tie the cone to a branch of a tree.

Before you hang it, spread peanut butter birds that live near your house. Next, sprinkle birdseed over the top of the cone, and press the seeds into the peanut butter.

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